How to Get Google AdSense Approval Without Writing Blog Post?

This is a detailed guide about how to get Google adSense approval without writing blog post. It can be challenging to get adsense approval without writing a post. Because the AdSense typically requires websites to have enough and high-quality content. However, there are still ways to potentially get approval without writing traditional blog posts. 

Moreover, you do not primarily need to spend hours writing blog posts. We have made it easy to get AdSense approval without blog writing. So, do you want to know what the secret is behind this? Well, it is all about being clever with your approach. Although, you have got a killer keyword in mind, “how to get Google AdSense approval without writing blog post,” and you are ready to make it true. Let’s discuss in detail how you can make it happen.

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How to Get Google AdSense Approval Without Writing Blog Post?

Without a blog post, it is a challenge to get approval. However, here are some strategies you can try:

Create Content on Other Platforms 

Instead you buy a hosting and publish content on your website, you should publish your own content on existing platforms. These platforms are YouTube, Medium, or HubPages. These websites allow you to monetize your content through AdSense. You can create videos, articles, or other types of content that interest you and are valuable to your audience.

Curate Content

Curating content involves gathering information from various sources and organizing it on a website based on a specific theme or topic.However, you have to be careful with this approach. It is because Google may have specific guidelines regarding content aggregation.

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Design an Informative Website 

Build a website that provides valuable information, resources, or tools related to a specific industry. While this may not involve traditional blog posts, it still requires creating original and useful content that visitors will find valuable.

User-generated Content

Create a platform where users can contribute content. This could be a forum or a community website. Even if you’re not personally crafting the content, you’re still enabling its development.

Visual Content

Make a website for graphic design and photography which can show your art work. Also it can offer resources and tutorials related to your expertise. Visual content can attract visitors and can be monetized through AdSense.

Product Reviews and Comparisons 

Write detailed product reviews or comparisons within a specific niche. While this does involve writing, it’s focused more on product analysis rather than traditional blog posts.

Create Tools or Utilities

Design tools, calculators, or utilities to fulfill the user need in any specific industry.Examples include a mortgage calculator, a calorie tracker, or a currency converter. These utilities not only draw traffic but also offer opportunities for monetization through AdSense.

Make sure your website fulfils the AdSense policies and webmaster guidelines. Also, your content should be original and quality content that adds value to your audience. Additionally, focus on enhancing user experience and providing clear navigation to increase the likelihood of AdSense approval.

Now Let’s have a look to see how to get google adsense approval for your website. 

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Get Approval for Website

When applying for Google AdSense, there are several important factors to consider. Let’s delve into them in detail.

1. Create Quality Content

When crafting content, aim for excellence! Whether the content is videos, articles, or pictures, you should make it enjoyable for your audience. Put your efforts into your work and ensure it is the absolute best it can be.

2. Choose a Suitable Platform

Think about where you want to share your awesome content. Are you a video whiz? YouTube might be perfect for you! Love writing stories? Check out Medium or Blogger. Pick a place that feels right for you and your audience.

3. Design and Navigation

Just think you are into a store and just lost because you can’t find anything here. Frustrating, isn’t it? The same applies to websites. Ensure your website is easy to navigate, akin to a well-organized store, so visitors can locate what they need without confusion.

4. Important Pages

Important pages are like your website’s ID card. These pages are about us, contact us, and privacy policy etc. They tell people who you are, how to get in touch with you, and how you will protect their privacy. It is important to have them so visitors know they can trust you.

5. Sufficient Content and Regular Updates

Picture your website as a garden. Just as you plant seeds (content) and regularly water them (update), your website needs care to flourish. Keep it vibrant and inviting by constantly adding fresh content, enticing visitors to return for more.

6. Follow AdSense Policies

Google AdSense has some rules. You need to follow them if you want to approve adsense. Things like no cheating, no shady stuff, and no naughty content. Play by the rules, and you’ll be golden.

7. Improve Site Speed and Performance

Make sure your website speed is fast and it loads quickly. So visitors don’t leave your site in seconds and the bounce rate of your website will increase.

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8. Avoid Overloading with Ads and Pop-ups

Consider ads and pop-ups as guests at a party. A few are welcome, but an abundance can dampen the experience. Ensure a clean and organized website by removing excessive ads and pop-ups that could frustrate your visitors.

9. Apply for Google AdSense

Ready to join the AdSense family? Fill out the application form and wait for Google to review your website. Make sure everything is shipshape before hitting submit!

10. AdSense Review and Approval

Cross your fingers and wait for the big moment – AdSense review! If all the things are fine, you will get the green light from Google to start earning money from showing ads on your website. 


In conclusion, we have discussed in detail that How to Get Google AdSense Approval Without Writing Blog Post. However, getting Google AdSense approval without blog posts is totally achievable with the right approach. From crafting top-notch content to mastering the approval process, these tips will guide you towards AdSense success. 

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