10 Things to Keep in Mind While Writing

There are many things to keep in mind while writing, like flow of content, short sentences, easy wording, etc. If you are looking for content that gets noticed by your target audience, read our full detailed guide on this topic. So, let’s continue!

Writing content can be challenging and often causes stress for anyone. The outcome of the content is crucial as it can impact the results. While various content types have different formats, the fundamental approach to writing remains the same. 

Writing serves as a tool to express desires and thoughts. For seasoned writers, the process resembles creating music, where they instinctively place each piece, weaving their thoughts into the fabric of words. However, even experienced writers keep certain pointers in mind.

Various types of writers have different motives. Media writers aim to inform and sometimes persuade, while others write simply for the joy of writing. Each approach reflects a unique purpose in the diverse realm of writing.

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Writing 

According to a study, there are many things to keep in mind while writing excellently. Even when you write big words, it does not make a good impression on the audience. When you write complex content, it sounds like you are small-minded. To sound smart, you have to stop trying to sound smart. You should make simple content writing strategies. 

According to experts, there are some important things to keep in mind. For instance:

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Be to the Point

Consider your blog’s audience before writing every content. It is being seen on either a desktop computer or a mobile device. The source is either social media or search engines. They are also quickly going through a mountain of data. So, you should skip the small talk and get to the meat of the matter. Get down to the point and explain what they are reading and why it matters. If that does not work, they will try something else.

Choose Simple Words

In the things to keep in mind while writing, it is a very important point. You should choose simple words when you write a piece of any content in your post or any content you are writing. Choosing simple wording can make your content more understandable. Write content in a manner that people of every age and every grade can easily understand your point. 

Write Short Sentence

Anyone can easily understand the short paragraphs and sentences. There should be one clear thought in every sentence. Anything more than that makes things harder to understand.

Use Active Voice

Readers prefer sequences of SVO sentences. It is Subject, Verb and Object. This is the active voice sentence, for instance: I eat Apple. 

This is the Passive Voice Sentence, for instance: Apple is eaten by me. 

So, passive sentences bore readers. Always try to use the active voice because most readers prefer this. 

Avoid Fluff Words

Certain words, like “very,” “little,” and “rather,” take away from the meaning of your sentence and make it sound dull. As an example: 

This is very important: stay away from fluff words. They could be more useful and can be annoying.

Don’t Repeat Sentence

Also, refrain from repeating yourself again and again. In other words, saying something once is better rather than repeating it. Because when you repeat things, your reader gets bored and falls asleep.

Help Readers Navigate

Don’t use blocks of text. Keep in mind that many people will be using mobile devices with small screens. Web elements can tell the story and lead readers through it, so break up the text using them. To bring a fresh outlook to the content, use bolded category subheadings. To make it more engaging, consider other things you may add to the post, such as a tweet, a video from YouTube, or photographs.

Be Conversational

When composing written content, writers use a very formal or academic tone. However, people tend to be more casual and talkative on the Internet. Instead of sounding like a newspaper piece, the tone of a blog post should be more like an on-air discussion. This allows you to be forthright about the subject matter, your level of knowledge, your lack thereof, and whether or not you intend to add to the story at a later period. 

Moreover, think of yourself as a blog post’s host and that you are conversing with readers directly, and then make your content writing strategies. 

Link to Other Relevant Information

Web users expect stories to have links. It’s a standard thing to do on the web, making reading your stories more enjoyable. People should know enough about the story to understand it, but you can send them links to learn more about specific things, like names, places, current stories, and events. 

Additionally, doing this lets you focus on the story you’re sharing without worrying about including everything you talk about. You can link to both old and new NPR stories and stories from other news sites and websites.

Consider the Format

How should I tell this blog in the best way? Ask yourself before you start, and even better, while coming up with your headline. Because writing 400 words is only sometimes the best way to do things, think about making a list or an explanation. Picture or film might be the best way to tell the story.

Tips For Writers

As we discussed above, there are ten things to keep in mind while writing. Now, here are some easy tips for writers. 

Nowadays, writing is very important in our daily life. How you write and present your ideas and thoughts shows who you are in your personal and professional life, whether you’re in college, school, the job, or even as a business person. Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep working to improve our skills. Here are some important and easy tips that you should remember if you want to get better at writing:

Niche Selection

A writer should be able to find their niche and use that to share their thoughts and ideas in new and creative ways. For those who need more clarification, they should first figure out how to choose their area. Then, they should look at how many words they can write. 

During this time, try to add more words as well. We already read that vocabulary is very important. To improve our vocabulary, we should read every day and learn something new.

Best Time to Write Content

Time is very important when we write. One of the best easy tips for writers is to use their time well. It’s best to write in the morning, after a long sleep, because our minds are still fresh and ready to think of new ideas. People’s work hours and personal tastes are shifting, meaning the best time for each person to write can be different.

Writing Regularly

Writing regularly can make you a good writer. We all know how important it is to practice often. It does not matter if you write a short story or a paragraph every day; you should do it every day. This will make your writing skill better. 


In conclusion, we see many things to keep in mind while writing. Writing is an art, so everyone should adopt this art and learn new things regularly. We read something on social media daily; this is also a type of content. It would help to keep reading and writing to become a good writer. 


Q1. Can anyone become a Content Writer?

Yes, anyone can become a writer with the passion and ability to think outside the box. 

Q2. Write some important things to keep in mind while writing?

As we discussed above, there are many things to keep in mind while writing. For instance:

  • Sentence structure
  • Conversational tone
  • Format of content
  • Research
  • And many more

Q3. What are the four skills of a good writer?

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing 

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