Freelancing and Artificial Intelligence Software

Duo to freelancing and Artificial Intelligence software, Do you know the skills you are working on? These skills will be finished in the upcoming years, like 4 to 5 years, and artificial intelligence will replace these skills.

Many People will be jobless. According to a report, almost 50 million people will lose their jobs because of artificial intelligence. 

In this article, you will learn about how much progress artificial intelligence has made and what kind of work AI can do and can replace your job. 

If you have a video script and you put it into software, the software will make a video for you that contains audio and pictures just from your video script. 

You may be surprised to hear that this type of software exists. Let’s discuss what kinds of jobs are dangerous just because of AI.

  • Video Editing
  • Voice Over
  • Graphic Designing
  • Article Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Web Designing and Development
freelancing and artificial intelligence software

Is freelancing and artificial intelligence software going to replace jobs?

As you can see, AI going to be very sharp. Might possible it can replace your jobs in future. Let’s explore some AI tools that can be very useful for you and how it will replace your job.

In Video

In this video editing software, you have to put in a script, which will make a video for you. It will also make a voice-over on the script’s base, and your complete video will be ready. You can also upload it to YouTube. But it is evident that this technology is not mature, so everything must be perfect. There are many mistakes you could fix them manually. 

Let me tell you something more interesting: If you want to replace my face with yours as I’m sitting or talking or replace it with yourself, it is possible to do this nowadays. You need to recognize which one is original. This type of technology exists. Is it not interesting? 

Here, you can see that people with video editing skills may lose their jobs if the AI platform becomes more mature and successful; your whole work will be automated. 


The following job in danger is Voice-Over. It will also lose its worth. Why is this job in danger? Let’s talk about this. Can I make an audio clip in my voice without speaking a single word? Many software’s can generate a voice-over in your voice. I can tell you the software if you need to be more trusting. 


You can make a clone of your voice. You will provide different data of your random recorded voice, and they will make a template of your voice where any script you put will automatically speak into your voice. It can talk in different styles. If I explain something to you and emphasize certain things, this will also do this for you.

 And if I’m talking in a fun mode and doing comedy, this will change my voice accordingly. You can do many possibilities with this, but obviously, the software is still being determined; it is in the initial stages. 

You must have seen recently that many fake audios are playing in Pakistan. Politicians tell each other that we could also make your phony audio if you made our fake audio. You must have seen that. The same deep software creates that audio. 

The voice-over can be done by your software now, so its job may decrease shortly. 

But obviously, this software is only mature enough now; once they are grown, it may take five, six, or ten years. But if you want to make your career in the same job for the long term, we will discuss further how you can do that. 

So, we talked about video editing. We’ve talked about the voice-over, and now we talk about the next skill that may be under threat, and that’s

Graphic Designing


Dall. E is a software in which you go and type anything, and it will create an image for you in which you can create such beautiful art. If you sit down to make it, it will take a lot of time. 

But here, you write a simple query within a website, and it generates the entire artwork for you.

Now, here I give another exciting example related to graphic design. You know that Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are used to create complex types of designs, and even if you want to create a simple design, it may take time for Adobe Photoshop. But this software makes everything easier.


Canva changed the whole game. It brought the entire image or design in front of you in one click. There are many templates for this, so whatever changes within the design are yours. So, the basic tasks like creating a post for Facebook or creating a YouTube thumbnail are now being done by your Canva, which, if it took you an hour to do, you could do in less than five minutes today. But still, you need Photoshop and Illustrator because you can create complex custom designs there. I made a design, But it still has limitations, which is why Photoshop and Illustrator work so well.

In the same way, in the next 5 to 10 years, you will see that a lot will have changed where artificial intelligence has reached. Adobe may come out with something to compete with the technology because it is a big company. It would never be left behind; they would have to do something to counter AI.

Article Writing

So, let’s talk about article writers or copywriters. Their work is also in danger because there is freelancing and Artificial intelligence software that writes complete articles for you and gives you a copy of ads. Still, those things could be more mature. It will take time, but the alarm bells are ringing overhead, so like I told you, within the graphic design, you write a query, and then you get the design that way. You will also write your title within the article writing, and it will write the entire article for you like

  • Cymatic
  • Hypotenuse

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Data Entry

So, if we talk about data entry, it is already in danger, and within some time, data entry jobs will disappear. Many software programs make your work very fast. If you hire someone to find this information on Google, that software will find the same information with just one click. If so, why would he hire a data entry person who has to pay him $5 per hour? On top of that, why not use software that does all your work in One click?

Web Designing and Development

Now, if we talk about web design, that thing has also become automatic to a great extent, and artificial intelligence has also taken its place. You can create your entire website with just one click.


Now, if we talk about driving, which is not part of our topic, the driver’s job is also at risk because you have seen that self-driving cars are top-rated in the US. The Tesla company has released self-driving vehicles, and people can travel long distances without touching the steering wheel.

So when this technology matures, and many people use it, you can guess what the driver will do. The interior will be equipped so that wherever you want to go, there is no concern about an accident; there is no tension, something is coming from the front, the car knows that I have applied the brakes, and the whole world has self-driving cars. There is no risk of an accident if it is running upwards.

Secure Your Career

What can you do if you think freelancing and artificial intelligence software will replace your job? Things to look for that give you the latest news, what you need to know about what’s in demand in your industry, and what software people use most. You should keep your old software, leaving the new one to use.

As technology goes, you have to keep going with technology, so as long as you keep going, your job or your work will not end. You will be in touch with everything. You will know about what is happening in the market.

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