Find Emails From LinkedIn and Reach Your Client Directly 

This article will help you to Find Emails From Linkedin. LinkedIn is commonly recognized as the ideal place to find potential leads, regardless of your aim, niche, or sector. In addition to enabling you to run highly focused advertisements, it also allows you to do incredibly detailed searches for users on the network. But you’ll shortly discover LinkedIn has a problem.

You cannot view a person’s email address unless you are related to them in some way on a first-degree basis. You often can’t even message them, and we know that sending an invitation with a letter attached has a poor success rate. Additionally, you might be managing a portion of contacts in the thousands—far too many to choose emails from manually.

So, you’ve identified the location, market, or individual your Woodpecker campaign should target. But where on LinkedIn can you locate email addresses? You can manually find email LinkedIn by following the instructions in the first section.

Find Emails From LinkedIn

You can manually find emails from LinkedIn and other sources. When trying to populate a sizable database for an email campaign, it’s not the most outstanding choice. However, if you require a few emails, it might work. This is the procedure.

On LinkedIn, look for your contact. We’re not going to concentrate on that individual right now. The business they are employed by is more significant. Numerous programs offer email addresses in response to business questions. One of the more well-known email LinkedIn websites is

You only need to enter your company email address to register for a free account at, which offers 50 free searches each month. The first ten results, occasionally thousands more, are visible in the free version. We only need to view a handful, so no worries.

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Transferring your contacts

You might occasionally want to email the contacts you’ve made. If so, you can quickly export their information from your profile. But there is one drawback to this approach.

Every user determines whether they want their email address to be visible on their profile, as you are undoubtedly aware. Thus, your Google Spreadsheet can contain some blank areas.

But it would be wise to give it a shot:

  • You can access your connections by clicking on the My Network tab (on the left)
  • Select Manage synced and imported contacts after that (on the right of the page)
  • Select Want anything specific? Choose Connections and choose the data files you are most interested in
  • Click on Archive Request.
  • You’ll have to type in your password.

Use Chrome Extension

One of the simplest methods is to utilize a Google Chrome plugin to find Emails from LinkedIn

Extensions for Google Chrome are programs that you can install on your browser. They still need a Google account because they are primarily a suite of email-finding tools. However, specific tools are exclusive to Google Chrome extensions.

The top choices are as follows:

  • UpLead
  • SalesQL
  • Skrapp
  • AeroLeads

A B2B sales prospecting tool that might assist you in finding email addresses on LinkedIn is the UpLead Chrome Extension. Its 54+ million B2, B contact database is used by Fortune 500 firms, including Amazon, Salesforce, Facebook, and Apple.

You can find up to 50+ data fields by utilizing account-based marketing, including:

  • Direct, verified email address
  • Phone number
  • Industry name
  • SIC code
  • Contact title
  • Location
  • Job Function
  • Management level
  • Number of employees
  • Sales volume
  • Technology stack used

To ensure that emails are accurate and prepared for export or download, UpLead checks them in real-time. Technographic data makes it possible to generate business contact lists depending on the technology stacks employed.

Thanks to a competitor intelligence function, you can readily learn who a company competes with.

Its primary drawback is that it is a fee-based tool. However, a 7-day trial is available that can serve as a short-term, free LinkedIn email finder.

Using Paid Resources

Let’s now discuss how to find emails from LinkedIn accounts using automation. Is it possible to extract the data with a few simple clicks? There are countless tools available that might help obtain email addresses. 

Is it legal to take email addresses from LinkedIn?

Yes, it is legal. LinkedIn strictly prohibits using any third-party apps on their platform without their permission, and they monitor users’ profiles for the presence of such programs and extensions. They do this to prevent spam on the platform and, most likely, to avoid losing money to rival apps.

The LinkedIn User Agreement is broken when using restricted plugins and extensions, which might lead to account suspension or closure. The choice is yours, but we don’t advise it because the risk is too significant. 

Here are a few types of tools we’re referring to:


One of the most well-known email finders is Lusha Lusha. They provide a browser plugin to make extracting email and phone numbers simple.


With the help of the Skrapp program, you can discover emails on websites for businesses and LinkedIn. The email finding function lets you look up your target contact by first and last name and the company domain. Their Domain Search feature functions quite similarly to


By pulling emails from LinkedIn, ContactOut advertises itself as a tool to quickly assist recruiters in finding talent. Using a browser extension, ContactOut can be included in LinkedIn searches.


A LinkedIn Sales Navigator search may generate an excellent list of verified emails using the LinkedIn email scraper Wiza Wiza. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is necessary for this product to function.


A gem is a tool that focuses on recruiting talent. This one might be the wide choice of all of these tools.

Email Extractor

A web-based program called Email Extractor Online enables you to separate emails from large amounts of text. With some reasonable usage restrictions, it is also totally free to use.

Next to you

As you can see, acquiring emails from LinkedIn profiles might be challenging. Hopefully, after reading this, you can decide how to approach this procedure with confidence.


As we mentioned above, how to find emails from LinkedIn. Now you can approach your clients directly. There are many other ways to get clients. In this method, you can use many tools to get emails, or you can manually research for emails. It’s totally up to you. 

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